Themes Selected for Stories on Fire

We have four themes for the next 31 days of short story writing! Each week you’ll look at the daily prompts and fit them into the given theme.

Today I’m sharing our Themes for the month!


Week 1 – Animals

Weave any animal into your stories for each of the prompts during the week. There will be 7 story prompts and we’ll be excited to see your stories!

Week 2 – Extraterrestrial threats

No we don’t mean aliens, well… it could be aliens, but really it’s not just aliens.

Week 3 – War and Strife

Yes, we do actually mean war. Write about its affect on people, or a moment in a given war, or whatever comes to mind that inspires you but keeps a thread woven around war. Maybe you can spend the whole week dedicated to a series of stories in a given situation.

Week 4 – Utopia

But is it really? Guess our stories will share it. Find a good tale to tell with the prompts that fits into a Utopia.

AH! Now the Questions –

Do you have to use the Theme? Nope. It’s up to you. It will make the process of selecting stories for a collection easier when we’re getting through the polish and publishing process. You don’t need to use it though.

Do you have to use the prompts? Nope. This isn’t needed either. The goal is to end up with more stories than you started the month with. This is a way to inspire those.

Any other questions? Let us know!

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