#5MinuteFiction – Wk 39 & Marketing Monday Announcement

This has been a rocky transition to The Writing Network‘s routine. Unfortunately, due to an illness that has lingered excessively since last week, both posts that would be normal by this time each week have been put on hold for this week.

Both 5MinuteFiction and Marketing Monday posts will resume on the 29th.


I am sorry for this. I’m looking forward to getting healthy and back into the swing of things again soon.


gelpens and notepad

#5MinuteFiction Wk 38 Finalists!



Karyn Pearson has struggled with some great submissions tonight. So many great submissions tend to do that for a judge.

Personally, I’ve had a great time with Karyn as our guest judge this week! I hope you guys have picked up the first book in her Hellfire Series, (Spark) and the winner will get the second, Inferno.

With the finalists below, voting will stay open until just before noon on Thursday and the winner will be announced Thursday evening at 7PM CST.

Cast your vote, share the post, and we’ll see you Thursday!


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#5MinuteFiction – Wk 38 Prompt

For this week’s 5 Minute Fiction Karyn is graciously contributing a copy of her second book in the Hellfire Series, Inferno. If you haven’t picked up the free copy of Spark, you can find the links on her feature judge post.

This week’s prompt is especially fun too. It can really tantalize the imagination.

Your character is walking alone at night in a secluded area and the flashlight goes out. There are no other lights around, and they’re certain that there’s nobody else there with them. Then suddenly, they hear a noise behind them.

horizon at dawn


A Few Notes:

  • In the interest of time and formatting, it’s best to type straight into the comment box or notepad (the comment link is just below the title). It’s also smart to do a quick highlight and copy before you hit “post” just in case the internets decide to eat your entry. If your entry doesn’t appear right away, email me.
  • I reserve the right to remove hate speech, excessive violence, or similar but I’m not too picky about the other stuff.
  • This is all for fun and self-promotion. Be sure to put your twitter handle at the end of your post and a link to your blog if you have one.

Go, go, go! You’ve got until 7:45p CST to submit your entry in the comments section of this post.  See you back here around 9p CST with the finalists!

Advertising No-Nos

ad gone bad

There are so many things wrong with this Ad. Can you name them all?


This image represents many incorrect approaches to marketing and strategy to win over people, customers, and possible friends. While it is possible to go on about the image, let’s just point out the first few and the discussion can remain open for all who are interested in joining in.

First off, this image was found via Facebook as an Ad for a Diet and Exercise Program. Without a doubt, that puts many things into perspective.

This image begins with an attack on the women it attempts to attract by saying they could be ‘lazy’ instead of beautiful. This insult will not only turn away a customer, but it may lead others to campaign against the end product. Inciting negative emotions should not be a goal when creating any visual ad.

This one included a name, which was blacked out for lack of knowledge if it was the person who created it, or a quote attribution. Should this have been a quote from someone, perhaps in their ‘upline’, it should have been clearly indicated as such. There is never a need to confuse prospects. Make each item clear in the ad from quotes, to goals.

The URL has also been altered, however it was checked and it is an error as well. The ad was not proofed well before released for use. If you’re working on the visual advertising for yourself, be certain to review it many times before releasing. Even the most experienced marketers are going to make mistakes. When you’re doing this it can bend negatively against you as well.

What else would you suggest adjusted from the above ad?

bookoftom kinginafoolsct

This is a visual ad gone right – Why do you think that is?


Judge for #5MinuteFiction – Wk 38

The judge for this week is the gracious and talented, Karyn Pearson. This author has brought some incredible characters to life and is offering everyone a free copy of her first release – Spark! For those who read Kindle you can find it free here: Spark by Karyn Pearson on Amazon.
To introduce you to this incredible woman: 2010-10-26 08.47.09
You’ve been writing for some years now. What keeps your creative juices flowing?
Just about anything, really. It could be a random lightning bolt of inspiration, something I read in a book, or see in a TV show or film, and it makes me think to myself, “You know, it’d be totally awesome if one of the characters from my stories could do that!” So, naturally, that gets me writing it down. In other instances, it could be something as mundane as watching people when I’m out at the mall or the grocery store. Sometimes the music playing in the store speakers plus the actions of the people around me end up triggering some idea or other. So it really just depends on the situation. At any given moment, I’ll be coming up with a million and one ideas.
Tell us about your trilogy — Hellfire Trilogy.
The Hellfire Trilogy is a series of novels set in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the midst of an angel-and-demon war. The plot follows Ardentia, a demon huntress whose mother was cursed by the Seven Deadly Sins. Her journeys take her across the continental former United States in her quest to restore her mother’s honor, to one of the last remaining human cities — Salvatio — located in Nova Scotia, south to the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, and even into the depths of Hell itself.
Do you have an excerpt that you can share from your current #WIP?
Certainly! This is an excerpt from Embers, the final novel in the Hellfire Trilogy.

“I’m sure convincing the legions wasn’t easy, but Nox had his spirit bound to me because he was a human sympathizer. His feelings are unchanged even now. After all, I saved his life; I went to Hell and back for him. He owes me quite a debt for that. When we returned from Hell, I was dead. He could have chosen to leave me that way, leave my soul to burn, but he didn’t. He saved me, he brought me back. How can we doubt where his loyalties lie now after something like that?”

Thorne sighed. “Forgive me, Ardentia,” she said. “But as I’m sure you can imagine, my trust in demons has significantly diminished in light of recent events. Even though I knew and liked your demon, back when we first met in this city, Belial had his hold on me even then. He influenced my mind and controlled just about everything I did. I’m still trying to recover the memories of those days. Even now, all I can see are scattered bits and pieces, mere fragments of thoughts.

“I do want to take your word for it, really. But as of right now, it’s very hard to give my trust over to others easily. I cannot trust my own memories, what little of them I have, even of the time spent here during your last visit. But if Noxius can agree to a few conditions, then perhaps I will allow him in the city. Otherwise, I will keep to protocol and give the order to keep demons, whether they are allies or not, out of the vicinity of the city’s walls.”

The huntress nodded. “I understand. If you’d like, we can meet him outside the gate together? Name your conditions, and if he agrees, we’ll invite him in, otherwise, he’ll just have to remain outside.”

“This afternoon you said?” the commander asked.

“That’s right.”

“Remind me after drills today. Speaking of which,” Thorne broke off, checking a clock sitting on top of the desk. “You’d best head back to the barracks. Morning bells will be ringing soon. I’d hate for you to miss breakfast on top of losing sleep.”

What is your next project?
My next project is finishing up the first novel in my upcoming vampire series, Arcturian Bloodlines.
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Hunters’ Assessment

#5MinuteFiction Week 37 – Winner!



Our winner is Katheryn Avila!!!


Katheryn has won a free edit for the gracious and incredible Wendy Strain!


Watch for our post later today to meet our next judge, Karyn Pearson!