Themes for Stories on Fire 2024

In September 2023 we began using Themes as part of our weekly updates. This gives us a specific tread to pull through each of our stories for a given week. The themes change each week so we’ll have to pay attention to that.

With the first of January coming on a Monday this year, we’ll be changing our themes on that first day of the work week every week.

Daily we’ll have new prompts that will be fit into the theme.

For example:

The first Theme is animals.

IF the first prompt was ‘Imagine swimming in the pond.’ Your short story should include animals in that experience/story in some manner.

With that in mind, when it’s time to pick stories that we are going to be editing for our collections or our full individual releases, having a theme will make that easier.

I can’t wait to see all of you on Launch Day!