This Summer on and off Twitch

This summer is going to be busy – We’ve already been busy. 

Writer’s CONduit was a huge success. If you missed it, that’s fine. It was just our first year. We ended a three-day weekend with international scheduling for 77+ panels, guests, and fantastic discussions. There was a host of excitement, planned events, and wonderful support. Our Twitch Based event was one of the biggest, most exciting things I have ever been privileged to be a part of. 

Topics covered ranged from representation to writing as a business. It covered things like Streaming101 and picking your publishing future between Traditional and Independent (hybrid is also a great option). This amazing resource was 100% free of charge to anyone who wanted to see it. It will continue to be free of charge when you visit the YouTube channel. 

Follow or subscribe: and for videos, VODs, and updates. If you want to learn more about what’s going on around twitch, what’s going on in the writing community, or get involved with Writer’s CONduit 2022 please feel free to visit the website and get signed up for the newsletter.

Going forward we have many wonderful events coming up just around the twitch writing community, but really even beyond. I am participating in the Game of Tomes Tournament – Tourney of Tales, I believe as well as the 4thewords River Festival events. The great thing about these two is that I can combine my efforts and still contribute to both. There are streams all over twitch offering support for both events. If you search GoT or 4thewords you’ll find someone fun to chat with while you’re writing your next masterpiece. 

The other major project I’m undertaking for July is preparation for 31 Short Stories in 31 Days. That’s a challenge event I coordinate twice a year with the help of many really incredible twitch streams and friends. If you participated in January, you’ll be thrilled to see an upgraded guide book, available both in print and ebook. We will be releasing this second edition under Creative Commons and the print version will be at cost. 

The guide book will have many fun and fantastic options it had before, including 35 writing prompts, info on the event, and some fleshed out guidance. All of the streamers participating in the challenge will be able to give away a free version of the book. It will also have a glossary of industry terms, just to make it easier for everyone after the event. We’re working on an Edit Your Short Story challenge as well. All of the stories written during 31s31d will be eligible for submission to the 31 Tales magazine, launching in December this year. 

31 Tales is a charity magazine only accepting short story submissions from individuals participating in the event. This magazine will support Doctors Without Borders, but also help those submitting learn the process of submissions, contracts, etc. The short story cap for these tales is 3000 words, leaving plenty of room for many authors to contribute. 

All participants in 31s31d will also get a code for a free month to play 4theWords. If you opt to join the challenge, it would be a pleasure to gift that to you. This custom hoodie comes with every free month in addition to the chests of goodies.

We’re working on many other ways to bring value to our community and share in the incredible opportunities ahead. Watch this space for more information on 31 Short Stories in 31 Days and the streamers involved. 

Test Prompt for 31s31d (take 2)

This summer is going to be a busy time for us.

challenge word in transparent glass shapes

CONduit is on the 25th through the 27th

Our streaming Panel Discussion is on the 19th

Our fun stuff including travel, events, and a convention will be in July.

Now we are trying to make the 31 days event easier on the organizers and support time by automating our prompts posting in the discord group. Let’s hope this works.

This will be a summer to remember.

Short Story Prompt Day 31

Today is January 31st, and here we are at the end of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge! Whether you’ve followed along each and every day, only dropped by once or twice, or anywhere in-between, we hope this challenge has been a fun and rewarding experience for all involved.


Your latest project is quickly nearing completion, but the deadline is approaching even faster.

Retro Alarm Clock

Short Story Prompt Day 30

We’re nearly there! With only two days remaining in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge, we hope these prompts are working to help you keep those creative juices flowing.


Many years after waking up with no memory of themself or their past, an amnesiac suddenly remembers everything from their prior life.

In The Fog

Short Story Prompt Day 29

Three days left! Today’s prompt is #29 in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. As this challenge nears its conclusion, we hope these prompts have helped to bring out your creativity.


A person wakes up alone to the sound of voices, and gradually comes to the realization that they can now hear the thoughts of anyone and everyone nearby.


Short Story Prompt Day 28

Welcome to the 28th day of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge! For those following along, we’re in the home stretch now. For those just stopping by, we hope these prompts inspire you all the same.


Write a story that shifts to a different protagonist partway through.

Over Here - No, This Way

Short Story Prompt Day 27

Just 5 days to go! We’ve reached the 27th day of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge, and with it, the 27th story prompt. Whether you’re following along each day or just stopping by for inspiration, we hope today’s prompt inspires a fun story.


A person finds out that they are the key to solving a long-unsolved mystery.

Old Boxes

Short Story Prompt Day 26

We’ve reached January 26th, the 26th story prompt in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge, and we only have 6 prompts to go. We hope these prompts are helping you find your inspiration, whether or not you’re participating in the challenge.


A solar flare causes a new post-tech reality.


Short Story Prompt Day 25

Just 7 prompts to go, now! Welcome to day 25 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days Challenge. Whether you’re keeping up, just starting out, or just stopping by, we hope these prompts help.


Write a story about the consequences of a seemingly inconsequential choice.

Blue Butterfly

Short Story Prompt Day 24

Today is January 24th, and this is our 24th story prompt in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days Challenge. We’re more than 3/4ths of the way through now! Whether you’re keeping the momentum going or just getting started, we hope today’s prompt helps.

Short stories are a great way to explore genre you don’t usually play in! Enjoy!


Write a story in which the setting (for example a house, a town, a ship, etc) is as much of a character as any of the people.

Oban Town In Scotland