Stories on Fire Prompt Day 6

Prompt 1

Write a story about a character who is a sharpshooter trying to win a shooting contest.

Prompt 2

Use this sentence in the story:

“The fool took us all by surprise.”

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Stories on Fire Prompt Day 5

Prompt 1

Create a character that discovers the truth behind their birth and share how it impacts their life going forward.

Prompt 2
Use this sentence:

Boom! Crumbling rocks pile one on top of the next.

Stories on Fire Prompt Day 4

Prompt 1

You look into your child’s ear and see an eye looking back at you.

Prompt 2

End the story with this sentence:
The view of the horizon left a sensation of peace.

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Day 26 – 31 Days to 31 Stories

The amazing CoffeeQuills inspired this set of prompts. She has this wonderful drive and fantastic passion. This creative spirit and unique pet of choice led to something unexpected. Let me know what you think of this….

Hedgehog Vintage Art Illustration

Prompt 1

Your character wakes in their usual location to find it filled with baby hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Stealing An Apple 1892

Prompt 2

“You wouldn’t believe how my day started.”

Hedgehog In The Grass

Day 25 – 31 Days to 31 Stories

This splendid set of prompts was suggested by the indomitable Angsthase!

Disabled Boy

Prompt 1

What is it like to be a person with a disability in your world? Write a story that centres that experience.

Autism Support And Care

Prompt 2

“I’m not the problem! The problem is the barriers you’re putting in my way!”