Day 5 – 31 Days to 31 Stories Prompt

Remember: Prompts are not required.

You can merge prompts if you choose.

You can use your own prompts or your own intention for your story as well.

The biggest goal is to produce a short story over 1,000 within 24 hours from the time you began (or in the time you committed to)

Prompt 1 will be a scene setting type of prompt.
Prompt 2 will be a “Use this sentence (or partial sentence)” prompt.

Keep in mind we’re also doing great stuff on the discord channel. We’re creating threads and developing chatter and story ideas. See you there!

Prompt 1 – Submitted by DarthTorLin via TwitchStream

A Trip to a Writers Convention held by Writers. Meeting all the famous writers! Who would you want to visit first? Would you hang out with Twitch Writers , and who , and why ?

Tell the story from a character’s perspective and show us how it would work for that author character.

Prompt 2 –

(Their) pulse raced until only the thumping of the heart resonated in (their) ears.

The () means we can adjust the word inside to reflect the appropriate pronoun for the given story. Pronouns are often adjustable based on situation and circumstance in a story. One day you’re creating a tale about a strapping knight and if you change he to she now you’re creating it about a woman instead. Or they could be someone who’d not allowing the world to box them in. You’ve got options. Play with it and have fun! 🙂

See you in the discord chat.

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