Stories on Fire Weekly Themes

Starting in Sept. 2023 – Stories on Fire will be themed by week.

What does this mean? It means we’ll be organizing every prompt by the theme of the week.

For example, the twitch chat selected Animal Instigators as a theme. For one week during the challenge, every prompt will be designed to feature an animal getting either themselves or another character into trouble.

As with all prompts, you are free to ignore it if it does not fit into your writing style or it inhibits your goal of creating a short story every day.

Watch for more fun things on the horizon!

  • Animal Instigators
  • Natural Disasters
  • Messages from a far
  • Unexpected Happiness

Stories on Fire Prompt Day 3

Prompt 1

Create a character who works in a high school lunch room and share what they see or hear.

Prompt 2

Begin the story with this sentence:

The ground rumbled as the thunder cracked above.

This is going to be a fun year! I’m excited to have you joining us to start the adventure together!

Make sure to check out on Monday’s for this foray into the event and stories ahead!

Can’t wait to hear about your success.

Stories on Fire 2023 Prompts Day 1

Prompt 1
Write a story about a character who is trying to survive a natural disaster.

Prompt 2 Use this sentence in your story:

“You lost your eyes on what?”

Thank you to all of the fantastic participants and fun loving friends who’ve joined the new Stories on Fire Event!

Some streamers to check out during the month of January include:



Stories on Fire! Coming January 2023

Are you ready to flex your creative muscles and improve your writing skills? Join our 30-day writing challenge!

The challenge is simple: write a short story every day for a month. Each day, we will provide a prompt to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, this challenge is for you.

Not only will this challenge help improve your writing skills, it will also give you the opportunity to engage with a community of fellow writers and authors. You can share your stories with the group and receive feedback and support from your peers.

Join us and see how your writing skills grow and evolve over the course of the month. Sign up now and let’s get writing!

31 Days to Stories on Fire!

31 Days is Rebranding. Our Schedule is Changing but the Event is still the same!

Stories on Fire is the new name for 31 Short Stories in 31 Days.

The Months we will run the event are January and September with intermittent fun stuff in between! Watch this channel to find out more soon!

31 Stories in 31 Days Aug 2022 Prompt Day 31

WOW! This the last prompt for 31 Days to 31 Stories for 2022! I can’t believe how fast this month flew by!

Prompt 1

Imagine life is an ever live twitch stream.


Use this Sentence:

Fear gripped [me/character/etc] like a vice.