Day 6 – 31 Days 31 Stories Prompts

I figured we could change things up a bit. Should be fun! Prompt reminders are at the bottom in case you need them.

This year is starting out fantastically! The stories are coming out and flowing. It is still early though. How are your experiences?

Night Thinking

Prompt 1

A moment to rest becomes a moment of startling realization, and unexpected truths revealed.

Prompt 2

Use this sentence:
A moment of perfection rarely came.

So, what do you think of the story prompts so far? Have you visited the streamers to share what you’re creating? Or discuss it? It’s a lot of fun.

Keep in mind:
Prompt 1 will be a scene setting sort of prompt.
Prompt 2 will be a ‘Use this sentence (or partial sentence) prompt.

All prompts are optional, but a nice way to track how many you’ve done.

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