Day 4 – 31 Days to 31 Stories Prompt

Today’s should be fun to explore. It might be a bit of a challenge too.

Keep in mind:
Prompt 1 will be a scene setting sort of prompt.
Prompt 2 will be a ‘Use this sentence (or partial sentence) prompt.

All prompts are optional, but a nice way to track how many you’ve done.

Telephone Wallpaper Cel Background

Prompt 1

Your character discovers time travel.

Prompt 2

Everything changed when the strange sensation wore off.

Keep in mind the goal is to complete the story. Perfectly polished comes after the challenge when we edit them.

If you have any questions about story creation or writing in general, make sure you visit any one of the streamers. They are all fun and incredible people.

You can click on this link to find out who’s streaming right now

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