Day 1 – 31 Days to 31 Stories

This is 31 days to 31 stories 2022 Launching Prompt.

As in August we will have two prompts. One will be setting the scene and the other will be use the sentence. Pick one that you like and use it for your story.

Remember: Prompts are not required.

You can merge prompts if you choose.

You can use your own prompts or your own intention for your story as well.

The biggest goal is to produce a short story over 1,000 within 24 hours from the time you began (or in the time you committed to)

Prompt 1 will be a scene setting type of prompt.
Prompt 2 will be a ‘Use this sentence (or partial sentence) prompt.

Prompt 1:

Your cat warns you there’s a volcano erupting nearby.

Prompt 2:

As mesmerizing as the brilliant burst of color skyrocketing from the mountaintop appeared, the threat was clear.

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