Short Story Prompt Day 25

Just 7 prompts to go, now! Welcome to day 25 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days Challenge. Whether you’re keeping up, just starting out, or just stopping by, we hope these prompts help.


Write a story about the consequences of a seemingly inconsequential choice.

Blue Butterfly

Short Story Prompt Day 24

Today is January 24th, and this is our 24th story prompt in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days Challenge. We’re more than 3/4ths of the way through now! Whether you’re keeping the momentum going or just getting started, we hope today’s prompt helps.

Short stories are a great way to explore genre you don’t usually play in! Enjoy!


Write a story in which the setting (for example a house, a town, a ship, etc) is as much of a character as any of the people.

Oban Town In Scotland

Short Story Prompt Day 23

Welcome to Day 23 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. If you’re following along or if you’re just stopping by, we hope this prompt helps to get your creativity flowing.


A historian travels back in time to observe an event that history forgot.

Prague Astronomical Clock

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Short Story Prompt Day 22

Today is January 22nd, and with that, the 22nd post in the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. With the end of the month fast approaching, we hope these prompts have helped you to find your inspiration and keep on writing.


Two friends must reconcile their wildly conflicting approaches to solving a shared problem or achieving a shared goal.

Restaurant Table

Short Story Prompt Day 21

Today is Day 21 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. With just 11 prompts to go, we hope the challenge has been going well for you so far.


A person decides to try out the new coffee shop in town, only to find a familiar face behind the counter.


Short Story Prompt Day 20

As we reach January 20th, we’ve nearly reached the 2/3rds mark – today is Day 20 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. We hope these prompts help you get your creativity flowing, whether you’re participating in the challenge or not.


Write a story about someone trying to make sense of their dreams.

Realm Of Dreams 3

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Short Story Prompt Day 18

We’ve reached Day 18 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge!

Whether you’ve been following along each day or you’re just dropping in, we hope today’s prompt helps to inspire you.


On a night like any other, you look up at the sky and realize that you don’t recognize any of the stars.

Starry Storm Clouds

Short Story Prompt Day 17

Today is Day 17 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge, so here’s the 17th story prompt.

Whether you’re keeping up with the challenge or writing on your own, we hope you achieve your goals.


Write about adopting a pet or a sibling from a child’s perspective.

Kittens, Cats, Nature

Short Story Prompt Day 16

It’s Day 16 of the 31 Short Stories in 31 Days challenge. We’re officially over halfway there!

How’s the challenge going for you so far? Whether you’re following along or just watching along, we hope we can help to fuel your creativity.


Change a point in history and show us what the ripple effects are from that moment forward.

Spiral, Vortex Shape Abstract Swirl