Day 7 Prompt 2 – Use this sentence

Use this sentence in your story:

My cat (dog, horse) spent the day trying to sit instead of playing.

What prompts are you using today? I’d love to find out in the discord.

Most of mine are titled on my streams – not in the stream description but my file description in 4TheWords. It sits at the top of my streams.

I’ll see you in the discord.

Day 7 Prompt 1 – 31 days!

The unexpected pitter patter of little feet captures your MC’s attention at the worst possible moment.

A full week in! Have you read the guidebook for some ideas how to use these? Or used the gift available to everyone taking part? Are you in the giveaway?

So much is going on, stories and more! I love this community and the people in it. What are you enjoying so far?

Day 6 Use this Sentence Prompt

The momentum shifted after the slide.

So, which streamers have you visited? Did you find one that fits into your regular routine? I know many of our week centric writers find Author Brian Lou to be a great place to stop Saturday and Sunday morning. I know I’ve had fun in his stream. Hope to see you there!

Day 6 Prompt 1

Create a story recalling the first day of school.

We’ve made it to day five! Our list of stories is growing. How are you feeling about it? What stories are standing out to you so far? Have you shared a bit about it in the Discord? We’d love to see it 🙂