31 Days Aug 2022 Prompt Day 6

Alright my wonderful friends! The first week is nearly over.

Prompt 1
An unexpected animal follows your character home with startling changes that follow.


Use this sentence:
The large wings flapped overhead with startling intensity.

One more day and you’ll have hit the first full week of 31 days! Don’t forget to sound off on twitter or in the discord #31d31s – tell us how you’re doing?

Day 2 Prompt


A kitty stalks the darkness of a home hinting only that it exists, despite the home having no pets.


Use this sentence to start your story:

Moving day was easy until…

Was yesterday’s prompt fun? Which one did you pick? I hope you created something you really enjoyed. Today we’re going to change things up a bit. Hope you find it as interesting and creative or more so.

Keep in mind you can find the streamer schedule at the 31 stories page. Check it out when you’re ready to write with a streamer. Someone will be available that will be encouraging and supportive.